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[Actualizado] Firmware para DVR's DS7204 y DS7208 series ST, SN y EV Epcom

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EPCOM EV1004 EV1008

¿Cómo actualizar el firmware? http://foro.syscom.mx/discussion/336/

20 Mejoras en la versión 1.3.0 build 120613 : 

1、 Adding the “input box”, which you can input the secure code when we reset the DVR (it will show up after double click on the lower left of the log in box)

2、 It can support 2TB or more than 2TB HDD (up to 4 TB)

3、 It supports NO-IP protocol.

4、 It supports kalatel of old 8000 series device.

5、 It supports channel-zero encoding

6、 It’s compatible with 7000 series’ front panel

7、 It supports Hikvision DDNS, which is easy DDNS

8、 Configuration of output modes is supported, (input modes option is in “camera” settings). We have 2 options in output modes: standard and Brilliant.

We have 3 options in input modes: standard, Gentle and Bright.

9、 It supports backwards playback.

10、HDD is abnormally offline (to pluck the data link or the power line of the HDD power) will have alarm handle; either the status of HDD is sleep or not sleep, will both have alarm handle.

11、It will check the status of HDD, which is not formatted or has HDD error, then it will pop up the “format HDD ” box automatically. (after we finish the wizard)

12、It supports Redundant recording

13、One channel can support 16 times playback, and shows “X16” in screen.

14、Right click on the main output, we can have menu to control the AUX output. (Switch between one camera preview and multi-camera preview)

15、It supports Event search

16、Optimize the time of formatting HDD (for 2TB HDD, we used to cost more than 400s to format it, and now, it only cost us about 140s or less, which depends on the different models of HDD)

17、It supports CVBS scaling.

18、The sharpness and other options of GUI can be configured by users. (the parameters is from 0 to 15, and the default parameters is 8)

19、It can support to modify the resolution of VGA output when we operate in the menu of CVBS output; it also supports modify the resolution of VGA output by using “setResolution” orders by RS232.

20、It supports three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese

Para más información sobre la función de E-mail ver el post: http://syscom.mx/foro/discussion/158/configuracion-de-email-en-dvrs-hikvision


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